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Physician Revitalization Program

Northwest Louisiana Medical Society (NLMS) has developed the Physician Revitalization Program (PRP) that provides physicians with guidance to successfully manage the symptoms of burn out through educational meetings, peer support, and prevention through counseling. The purpose of the PRP is to enhance physician wellness, the physician-patient relationship and quality of patient care. By collaborating with healthcare organizations, provider groups, and physician associations that have vested interest in the health and morale of physicians, the PRP is able to offer meetings/events as well as private counseling to its members.

Several PRP meetings/events are held throughout the year and focus on elements that assist the physician to revitalize their medical practice by restoring a work-life balance.  These events are typically casual, low-key yet beneficial and offer CME credit when applicable. These events offer both solutions to successfully cope with the current practice environment as well as peer support. Secondly, through the Physician Revitalization Program physician members have the option to seek one on one counseling should they feel the need. These sessions are booked directly through Samaritan Counseling Center and anonymous to the society. 

Maintaining healthy work-life balance is key to providing excellent care! Members are encouraged to attend a PRP event. 

The Bulletin

        The NLMS has published The Bulletin for over 70 years.  Articles are provided by members of the society, and organizations who have partnered with the society by providing current education information that is valuable to physicians in their practice of medicine and advances in the medical profession. 

        For advertising information in The Bulletin please contact the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society office at 318 675-7656. 

        Docbook MD

        A communications platformed designed to be HIPAA compliant, allowing for secure messaging and consultation between physicians at an instant. NLMS members have access to this software as an included benefit of membership. For more information or to download Docbook MD check their website or contact the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society office. 

        Docbook MD

        Contact Information:

        Call: 1-318-675-7656 

        Fax: 1-318-675-7648


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