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About Us

The mission of the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society is to establish an organization of physicians in the 4th District of Louisiana for the purpose of assisting in the advancement of medical science and education, elevating the standards of medical practice; improving the health of the community it serves; and by all legitimate means to improve the social, economic, and professional status of its members.

Our History

Tracing it's history back to 1849, our medical society has long established roots in Louisiana. Playing a major role in the creation of the Louisiana Medical Society, the doctors of Northwest Louisiana have had a profound impact on how physicians of the state practice medicine. Throughout the nineteenth century the physicians of the Shreveport Medical Society proved themselves to be skillful practitioners as well as dedicated community leaders. As the new twentieth century dawned, the Louisiana State Medical Society roster listed sixteen Shreveport physicians. The Shreveport Times in January 1900 described the Shreveport Medical Society “as a bright, brainy, and capable body of medical practitioners as can be found in any city or state in this broad land.” And that was just the beginning. Consistent with the forward-looking nature of the professional association of physicians in Shreveport and the surrounding area, the membership of the Shreveport Medical Society voted in November 2019 to change the name of the organization to the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society. The organization now begins a new era, dedicated to a larger group of physicians but still firmly rooted in its mission and its professional ideals and goals.


J. Eric Bicknell, MD


John H. Wagner III, MD

1st Vice President

Mark F. Brown, MD

2nd Vice President 

Kamel Brakta, MD


James D. Morris, MD


Frederick J. White III, MD


Edward P. Morgan, MD

Immediate Past President

Richard J. Michael, MD


Board Of Directors

Stephen D. Baker, MD

John N. Bienvenu, MD

Destin Black, MD

Joseph A. Bocchini, Jr, MD

John R. Carter, MD

Neelima Chintapalli, MD

Deborah D. Fletcher, MD

J. Marshall Haynie, MD

N. Paul Khater, MD

Jared L. Moss, MD

Christina Notarianni, MD

Paul E. Perkowski, MD

John Reeves, MD

Todd G. Thoma, MD

Eric D. Thomas, MD

Randall G. White, Jr, MD


Brandi Gaitan

Executive Director

Sandy Cagle

Accounting & Administrative Services

Additional Information

 The NLMS Civic Assistance and Education Fund is a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt organization wholly owned by the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society.  Its purpose is to (1) contribute to charitable, scientific, public health, literary and educational programs directly or to other organizations that qualify as exempted organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and (2) to provide and support programs of continuing professional education for medical society members to improve their capabilities and work-life balance. This fund is supported by tax exempt honoree and memorial donations, contributions, and revenue received through fund raising activities, event sponsorships, and individual and corporate donations. Physician wellness education and training services provided to NLMS Members through the Physician Revitalization Program are supported through this fund.   Potential donors to the Civic Assistance Fund and the Physician Revitalization Program are encouraged to call the Society office at 675-7656 for more information on participating.

Contact Information:

Call: 1-318-675-7656 

Fax: 1-318-675-7648


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